Provincial Instructional Diploma

Who are you?

Susan Cain presented a 20 minute Ted Talk session explaining the differences between introverts and extroverts. In this video she defined, that introverts are people who learn more efficient when working alone or in small groups. They are generally quiet, but not shy, and tend to think better when doing things themselves. Where extroverts are outgoing, and work better in social situations, as they become more productive when working with others. Extroverts need to be social! Introverts need personal space!….Click Here to continue reading


My Views on Motivation

I strongly agree with Brophy. People experience their life differently in one form or another. These differences impact the way they learn. e.g.; beliefs, interest levels, attitudes, knowledge, etc. We all have our personal reasons, motives or even excuses to learn or not to learn. Either way in order to gain knowledge…Click Here to continue reading.

Critically Reflecting

learning from one’s experience involves not just reflection, but critical reflection.”

This quote helped me understand that learning involves a deeper connection with oneself. In order to learn, you must look past the actual experience and start uncovering the causes of your knowledge, assumptions and beliefs. This will allow us to discover new meanings, which can impact who we are…Click Here to continue reading

Reflecting on Problems

Adults need to be faced with real life problems in order to effectively learn. They have no interest in learning a “subject based” topic that provides them useless information. Adults want immediate results. They want to learn valuable data now. Data which can be helpful and used towards problems they currently face. Not the problems that reside later in the future…Click Here to continue reading