Month: March 2016

Informal Assessments

Informal feedback is a common strategy that everyone uses. It’s a way to assess students on the spot, while they’re working through a task. There are many ways to informally receive feedback, my digital project focused on three different strategies. Periodic check-ups, stopping by students desks, and written responses.

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I selected the informal feedback strategy for my digital project as it’s a key element to use when assessing students. As an instructor I need to receive feedback throughout each lesson, module, or unit before giving a formal assessment. Using any of these three strategies throughout a lesson gives me an insight of what my students learned. This data also allows me to adjust my lessons to match the needs of my students.

What did I learn from this assignment?

This was a great assignment as I was able to learn about informal feedback and how to convert my knowledge on PowToon. As noted in question one, there are many ways to obtain informal feedback. My digital project provided examples for three different strategies.

PowToon is an excellent piece of automation software that is used to create cartoon videos online. The software has several templates, characters, and props that can be used. The program also allows you to add your own photos, back grounds, music files, and record your own voice. To create the video you simply follow the three step process. Step 1-Write your script. Step 2– Record voice over. Step 3– Add visuals.