Lifelong learning is a choice

In order for us to grow we must learn new things. Without learning our minds become dull and unaware of our surrounding. As professionals we must look outside shells and find ways to expand our knowledge and skills.

Throughout my career I searched for ways to make myself smarter and more valuable. When I received my instrumentation Red Seal in 2005 I spent an additional three years working in the field as a technician. In 2008 I decided it was time to challenge myself again and take a job as an instrumentation designer at an Engineering firm downtown Calgary, Alberta. This position was a big challenge as many of the needed skills were beyond my educational qualifications. But it forced me to learn something new which helped my future success.

In 2009 I decided to start an instrumentation and electrical business with three partners. The skills I learned as a technician and designer helped prepare me to run a company.  The skills I obtained while owning a company for four years made me even more knowledgeable as it granted me a management position at an automation company in 2013. Without the hard work and dedication of running a business I wouldn’t have created this opportunity.

In 2014 I accepted an instrumentation instructor position in Doha, Qatar. This job would not have been on the radar if I didn’t steer myself in the right direction throughout my career. Living a life where I continuously want to learn helped me become a stronger individual.  With this attitude I’m curious where life will take me. Until then I will continue challenging myself and maintain a lifelong learning attitude.


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