A Way To Assess


Student evaluation is the most important factor when bringing success in the classroom. It’s used to monitor the student’s progress and understanding of the course. Having the right evaluation tool will keep them on track as it continuously provides feedback. Using the wrong type of assessment tool is not only useless, but it’s also a waste of time for both parties.

My current workplace uses two forms of evaluations when assessing students. The first is called a KBT (Knowledge Base Test), which is a formal assessment where the students have to answer a variety of multiple choice, true and false, and short answer questions. The second is a practical where the students have to physically demonstrate completing a task. Both of these tools are competency based assessments where the students must prove they understand 100% of the content. If they do, they are considered competent which means they have successfully completed the task.

It’s important to review assessments on a regular basis to ensure all questions appropriately match the course content. In my department we have an annual validation meeting, where we review each assessment, and collectively agree/disagree on any changes. Once the changes are made we revise the assessment, review it one more time, then publish it for public use. Having this validation committee allows everyone to provide their input. When assessments are put through this process a stronger program is created.

If we find problems in our assessments and have solutions to fix them, it’s critical that we contact our program developer to makes these changes. Standing in the shadows and hiding in our offices will not benefit anyone.  In order to positivity impact our students lives, we must stand up and make a difference.


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