Be Ethical!!

Professional ethics is defined as the personal and corporate rules that govern behavior within the context of a particular profession. Being an instructor, colleague, mentor and friend to many people within the college, it’s important for me to portray professionalism. Each and every day I structure myself to stay positive, energetic, compassionate, honest and reliable. Although this becomes difficult at times, I try to stay focused on my goals and fight through each battle with integrity.

Why is this important? People in my life want to feel respected. So I believe it’s important for me to respect everyone that crosses my path. Even if we don’t see eye to eye. Creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere builds trust and happiness, which I believe are important traits to have while maintaining my personal and professional life.

At times we all deal with difficult ethical situations, where we try our best to fix the problem but realize it’s out of “boundaries” to do so. No matter the problem we cannot control the outcome. Recently I was removed from a curriculum development project because my project manager didn’t like my personality. I found this to be a very harsh “slap in the face”, considering I did more work beyond my original scope. Everyone in my department said that his statement was not an ethical thing to tell someone. Even if there was truth behind it. (There wasn’t) I’m a nice guy J

I had a few options to handle this situation. Option one. Prove my point and tell everyone that the project is disorganized and mismanaged. Option two. Confront the project manager and tell him things I cannot discuss on this blog. And Option three. Keep cool and move on knowing that my colleagues have my back and understand the truth. I decided to choose option # 3 as it shows my profession and self in control when dealing difficult ethical situations. Sometimes we must walk away from these dilemmas, regroup our thoughts, and refocus our energy on bigger and better things. That’s how I handled my dilemma.


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