Staying Postive!

This video was created by Strayer University which is located in Herndon, Virginia USA. The purpose of the clip is to inform us, that teachers positively impact students in many ways. Although the video didn’t cite any major theories or receive a nomination for a Nobel Prize, it does show us how teachers make permanent changes in the lives of their students.

In this video, several students were asked who their favorite teachers were, and how they changed their lives. Each student expressed different examples where the teachers helped build their confidence, fight against bullying, provided extra learning assistance, or helped them feel more welcomed. What the students didn’t know, was that their teachers were standing behind the scene listening to the interview. The students were shocked when the teachers walked out and surprised them. What shocked me the most is how the teachers felt when listening to what the students had to say. They were happy to hear that their hard work and dedication as a teacher made such an impact.

A good teacher should help their students become successful in the classroom. Teachers love feedback, so it’s important that students also take the time to return the gestures. Together we need to help each other by keeping the atmosphere alive and positive.


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