What’s your Teaching Perspective?

I recently completed online survey called TPITeaching Prospective Inventory. The results of the survey summarizes your views and prospective about teaching. Click Here to try it out.

Basically the website provides many questions and statements. Each question and statement has a category with check box that you must select. E.g. strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree or strongly disagree. After reading the question or statement you must determine how it relates in your classroom. Once the survey is complete the website sends an e-mail with a profile sheet. The profile sheet provides your TPI results.

Note: If you are unfamiliar of this process, the website has an easy to follow guide to help understand your results.

The TPI profile is broken in five main categories.

  1. Transmission
  2. Apprenticeship
  3. Development
  4. Nurturing
  5. Social Reform

And three sub-categories

  1. B= Beliefs         What you believe about teaching and learning
  2. I= Intentions   What you try and accomplish in your teaching
  3. A=Actions         What you do when you’re teaching

Each category is placed on a graph and has a value that ranges between 9 and 45. This value determines your dominate, backup and recessive teaching perspectives. The following results are from my TPI profile.

  • Apprenticeship-Dominate = 39 (B=11, I=14, A=14)
  • Transmission-Backup=36 (B=12, I=11, A=13)
  • Nurturing-Backup=35 (B=12, I=12, A=11)
  • Development-Recessive=29 (B=8, I=11, A=10)
  • Social Reform=31 (B=11, I=10, A=10)

Reflection of my results

The results are surprisingly accurate. I defiantly agree that my teaching style matches those of the apprenticeship prospective. I worked in industry for almost 18 years, and completed my instrumentation program as an apprentice in Alberta, Canada. I also operated a business where I trained my apprentices through the same program. Currently I teach instrumentation at a vocational college, where my students are completing a similar program.

My industry experience is an advantage for my students as I’m a highly skilled practitioner. Whether I’m in the classroom or in the shop, the students can rely on accurate information. These ESL students need easy and clear explanations to simplify the task, as they are learning technical data in English. It’s been my duty to determine what my learners are capable of completing on their own, and what tasks require assistance. Throughout their training it’s also my responsibility to challenge each student to ensure they develop new skills. These traits I accumulated overtime match the apprenticeship teaching prospective to a tee.

This website clarified who I am, and what I believe is right as an instructor. The TPI profile also indicated that transmission and nurturing perspectives are my backups. Transmission is essentially where the students indicate that their instructors are masters of the subject matter or content. And nurturing is where instructors truly care for their students, and understand that everyone unique in their own way. Both of these perspectives are also very important in my classroom.

I challenge you to take the test, and see how accurate the results match your teaching prospective. Tools like these help us gain valuable insight of who were are, and where we can to go.

Keep learning my friends.


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