Excuse me do I know you?

Understanding who your students are will help you succeed in the classroom. We must put ourselves in our students shoes and recognize that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Like us , we have good days and bad days. Sometimes its work related and other times its personal.

As an instructor we must support our students, and motivate them to succeed. Motivation can be expressed in a variety of ways. We can simply encourage them to become leaders. We can tell them why its important to attend class. We can express our interest, and show them that others care. We can help them find reasons to learn and succeed.

Motivation is key in education. Its up us, to help our students maintain it. We must always show up to class expressing a positive attitude, so our students feel welcomed and secure. Just remember, our job as instructors is to educate our students and encourage them to achieve their goals, no matter the circumstances.

Enjoy the Video!!


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