Month: September 2015

Web Conference-Flipped Classroom

I was quite skeptical working with a partner for this assignment. I wasn’t sure how smooth this process would work, considering we live on opposite sides of the world. It wasn’t long into our first Skype call, I realized Brian and I had similar situations happening in both of our lives. This gave us common ground, so coming up with a topic and completing our second Skype call was an easy task.

For our trends topic, Brian and I coincidentally picked similar articles where independent researchers completed surveys on students, teachers and parents. Although we only had enough time to review the key points in the articles, I found both surveys nearly the same, as outcomes were very similar. One thing I found fascinating from Brian’s article was the F-L-I-P acronym. F– Flexible Environment; L– Learning Culture; I– Intentional Content; P– Professional Educator. These four pillars F-L-I-P are required themes, in order to support student engagement, plus it’s a great way to remember the fundamentals of flipped learning.

We both agreed, that the role of the instructor will change in a flipped learning environment. Instructors become more of a coach and mentor, rather than an information provider. Students get more involved in their education and take ownership throughout their academic journey. One concept I found interesting from Brian’s research, was an example he provided, of a secondary school that introduced flipped learning to their grade 10 students. The students involved were taking core subjects in a tiered education system, e.g. math 10, math 20 and math 30. The students said, “they understood the major concepts after completing math 10, and felt they became masters by the time they completed math 30”.

Overall, the experience working with a partner was very positive. It showed me how to effectively communicate by using Moodle, Blogs and Skype; while studying for my diploma. I also liked the fact that we were able to choose our own topic. This made me feel more engaged, and interested in my own learning. I guess this proves I’m an ideal student benefiting from today’s advanced online technologies.

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